The second training module of "iMedia Project" was held in Almaty from September 4 to September 8, 2017, teaching participants advanced skills of web design. This marks the third year of such program designed to strengthen participants multimedia skills.

This project "iMedia-School of Multimedia Journalism " is funded by Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan and run by Kazakhstan Press Club with collaboration of the School of Journalism of the Missouri University (USA). 

The second module marked the first time when a local media trainer, Beksulta Kazybek, conducted the modules along with Rob Weir, a main trainer from the Missouri School of Journalism. The module emphasized various levels of web-design skills.

The participants exercised various  aspects of the web design including color and balance of contrasts and templates of the sites. They also worked on fonts, site markups, domain names, and social media optimization tools and WordPress video plugins. In practical exercises, participants learned how to shoot 360° panorama. The trainers taught new tools from Google News, and demonstrated how to place the visualized data on the map.

Trainer Kazybek shared his success story about how he achieved 700 thousand subscribers and over one million views on media content his team created. He also discussed about ways of generating money via social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube.

Note: iMedia Project is funded by Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan and run by the Kazakhstan Press Club in collaboration with School of Journalism of the University of Missouri (USA).