The Kazakhstan Press Club under fiinansial support of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan and in partnership with Missouri School of Journalism announces an open call to select 17 journalists for the iMedia Project in 2018-2019. iMedia Project is Kazakhstan’s first professional boot-camp for multimedia journalists.

Faculty from the Missouri School of Journalism in collaboration with reporters from various media outlets, including The New York TimesUSA Today, CNN, The Huffington Post and Pro Publica, will provide instruction on how to design and deliver multimedia content.

Participants will learn how to produce digital stories and other media content, as well as build entrepreneurial skills and expertise.

Training program                    

A four-week intensive program is designed to deliver a hands-on learning experience. Participants will build professional skills by completing the following modules:

• Media design; • Multimedia journalism; • Journalism of data • Management and business strategies for the media;

Skills taught:
  • Creation of high-quality audio, video content for various information platforms;
  • Graphics for video;
  • Web design, HTML and CSS;
  • Mobile device news collection and delivery;
  • Use of social networks as media;
  • Using Google and other analytic tools;
  • Work with databases, data analysis, data interpretation;
  • Development and presentation of a business plan, monetization of multimedia content;

The program is geared toward a heavy use of the latest specialized software for working with photo, video, audio and web tools. Kazakhstan Press Club’s computer lab will be equipped with the Adobe Creative Cloud package, which enables the creation of content across a variety of digital platforms.

The participants who complete the coursework will receive certificates of merit, signed by the Missouri School of Journalism.

Those completing the iMedia Project also will be eligible to receive production grants from the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan.

Who can apply?

The iMedia School is aimed at early- and mid-career professionals with a keen interest and a clear goal to develop a multimedia start-up.

We welcome applications nationwide from independent journalists, or freelancers; last-year undergraduate students, majoring in journalism; or tech-developers with a multimedia portfolio, interested in hand-in-hand collaboration with a team of journalists.

We also welcome applicants from multimedia-savvy newsrooms that are determined to launch a cutting-edge project; or applicants working for established news organizations, both local and national, interested in redesigning their current online products.

Requirements for applicants:
  • All applicants should provide a portfolio of relevant journalistic work;
  • All the trainings will be conducted in English with translation into Russian and Kazakh;
  • Non-Almaty residents could be additionally considered for a stipend to cover their travel expenses, including transportation and accommodation;
  • All applicants must be citizens of Kazakhstan;

Application portfolio:

  1. Filled-out Application form ;
  2. A minimum of two examples of your best journalistic work;
  3. Two letters of recommendation from your employer or a colleague who are best familiar with your journalistic work;
  4. Copy of your university diploma. Journalism majors are preferred. In other instances, professional experience could be taken as a substitute;
  5. Copy of your state ID;
  6. All the finalists will be required to submit a written consent from the employer / education institution that you are currently enrolled in, allowing you to take time off work / school to complete five training modules of one week each, spread throughout a period of nine months;
The finalists will be determined in two steps:
  • Application;
  • Interview with the jury;
Application procedures and deadlines:
  • Apply by 6 p.m. Thursday of May 31, 2018. Late applications will not be accepted for review;
  • You can fill out the iMedia Project application HERE
  • All applications will be registered and reviewed by an independent panel that includes Kazakhstani prominent journalists, public figures and international experts;

Missouri School of Journalism, founded by Walter Williams in 1908, is known as the world’s first school of journalism. But perhaps Williams’ greatest achievement was his establishment of the school around an all-important principle: “Learning by doing.”

Today, some of the best journalists in the world have learned their profession through the Missouri Method, which provides practical hands-on training in real-world news media. Each year, alumni win major national and international competitions, further illustrating the value of a Missouri journalism degree. Many have won Pulitzer Prizes, the news profession’s highest honor, Silver Anvils, the top prize for public relations professionals, and similar awards.

 Kazakhstan Press Club: Founded in 1994, it is one of the leading media organizations in Kazakhstan that provides a range of communication services and support for newsrooms nationwide along with government and business entities, NGOs and international organizations. Throughout the years, Kazakhstan Press Club has facilitated nearly 4,500 different media events, including various educational programs for training journalists. It is also home to “Media Kuryltai” – Kazakhstan’s leading annual media forum that gathers for discussion key national industry professionals and international experts.

Media Program at Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan (formerly, Media Support Program): Founded in 1996, Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan has provided more than $4 million for professional development of the Kazakhstani media and support of leading media organizations, protecting journalists’ professional rights and liberties. The Media Program currently works toward strengthening journalistic professional standards in Kazakhstan in a vibrant environment of growing information technologies.

Contact manager:

Bakhtygul Burbayeva

Projects coordinator

Kazakhstan Press-club


Phone number: +7 727 264 67 37

Mobile: +7 777 213 13 67

Aliya Sharipbayeva

Media Program coordinator

Soros Foundation Kazakhstan


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